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Adding Value

Plus Capital - About

Plus Capital is a Family Office boutique created in 2005 to invest in un-crowded niche markets where investable opportunities with favourable asymmetric risk/return characteristics can be capitalised.

Our team has thought leadership, macro-economic vision, industry insight, access to talented returns focused investment managers and global contacts to anticipate profitable investment opportunities.

Capital issues relating to Artificial Intelligence, inflation, blockchain, fin-tech/DeFi, med-tech, food-tech, distressed real estate, agricultural under-investment and mismanagement, ageing population, water stress, sustainable energy, financial themes such as the fall-out from the sub-prime mortgage debacle, market capitulation and credit availability are opportunities which Plus Capital has been/is currently addressing.


To excel in the management of our digital assets strategies we have assembled a premium technical talent team.

Increasing innovation around automation has vastly broadened the data sets we can work with, giving us even more robust data feeds for a broader analysis of scenarios and time horizons. As diverse sets of information grow at ever-increasing rates we use algorithmic and systematic strategies to implement trading decisions; research, mathematical and advanced statistical modelling to predict how an investment will perform.

We provide investing software as a service (SaaS) using advanced statistics, linear algebra and partial differential equations as well as computational solutions to these based upon numerical and qualitative analysis to survive more volatile times.

Industry 01

We analyze the economic outlook for developed and major emerging markets, alongside geopolitical fluctuations, to strategically position our portfolios. This allows us to capitalise on shifts in economic leadership driven by demographics and political judgment errors.

Industry 04
Sustainable Energy

Renewable sources of energy can't meet humanity’s energy demands in future decades, so we invest in sustainability through nuclear power, green hydrogen, biothermal and hydropower energy.
Electricity storage and transmission grids with prop-tech and server cooling technologies increasing the efficiency of consumption are also favourites.

Industry 02
Technology AI & SaaS
We believe we're at the start of a revolution in finance and society, transforming transactions, data management, and service delivery. Leveraging the limitless potential of AI and blockchain, we're moving towards a decentralized, transparent internet. Our goal is to lead in its regulated evolution.
Industry 05
Food &

From timberland, permanent crops and arable farming we hold that low-input ecological agriculture and silviculture need to be part of any long term portfolio. We add a sprinkling of food-tech to spice it all up. 

Industry 03

With a third of the developed world over the age of 65, we invest in innovative life-sciences companies, healthcare services

and medical devices companies.

Industry 06
Real Estate

We identify opportunities across sectors and jurisdictions which exhibit high-quality cash flows, locations and structural integrity. We seek properties where significant value can be added by injecting capital, development or operational expertise and distressed properties where exceptional value can be derived by astute investment timing and management.

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